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Useful websites

Please note that although we think the following links will be useful to you we can’t be held responsible for the content or links they may redirect you to.

Site: Financial Fraud Action UK

This site has a huge range of resources to help prevent fraud with advice and guides.

Site: Get Safe Online

Lots of advice for users of all ages to ensure online safety.

Site: McAfee - Virus Hoaxes

Unfortunately there are many hoax messages out there which seem to report a new dangerous virus issue (usually quoting Microsoft somewhere in the message) - often these urge you to send these on to all your friends and family to ‘warn them too’. So how do you know which are genuine and which are not? Try this website, maintained by a major well known company. You can type in a few words (usually those found in the message header are best) from the email and see if they match anything in the database.

If this turns up nothing but you are still suspicious then try typing in a general web search (eg into Google or Bing) with whatever the email is called and add on the words virus hoax on the end and see if that has any matches.

Remember you should never open an email attachment unless you know what it is - even if it seems its from someone you know.

Site: Cooltext (Graphics Generator)

If you want to quickly create an impressive text logo for your project then this may be for you. Lots of different designs to choose from including animated effects (burning text, neon effects etc). Full control over colour, text size. Logo is created online for you as a graphics file (several formats to choose from) to download.