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Introduction to PC computers:

How long?   This is a short course of 2 hours per week for five weeks.

Who is it for?   Anyone who has never used a PC computer before and just wants to give it a go and see what its like. Age is not an issue (our oldest student was 93!)

What will you do?   You will use a desktop PC computer. Learn how to turn it on and off, use the keyboard and mouse, personalise how the screen looks, start and end computer programs and start to become familiar with computer jargon. This is done through a series of fun exercises, programs and games.

Creating and using email account:s (on PC/laptop)

How long?   This is a single session of 2 hours.

Who is it for?   Anyone who wants to create an email account and learn the basics of configuring that account to best suit their needs.   You will need to be able to use a computer (ie familiar with using the mouse, keyboard and programs with Microsoft Windows) and have a mobile phone with you (part of the verification process Microsoft uses involves them sending a text). Learn techniques about spotting fake emails.

What will you do?  You will create a free email account using Microsoft's Outlook, and then send and receive emails, add attachments, create folders for specific emails and explore other features

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Online safety/ e-security

How long?   Short course 2 hours per session, once a week for five weeks

Who is it for?   Are you worried that you are taking the right precautions and being safe on-line? If so this course may be for you.  You need to be a competent computer user (with mouse, keyboard and Internet & email).

What will you do?  You will learn about the software you need to have on your computer (we show you free software that’s appropriate, and where possible how to install & use it), and the way you should conduct yourself online to reduce your risks.

Introduction to Tablets:

How long?   This is a single session of  2½ hours.

Who is it for?   Anyone who is thinking about buying a tablet (Android, Windows or Ipad) and just wants to know a little more about the various types, how they differ and how they work. No previous tablet experience is necessary, but experience of using the Internet before would be useful (but not essential!)

What will you do?   Different kinds of tablet devices will be demonstrated and you will get the opportunity to be hands on to help you make a better choice as to what might suit you best. Come along with your questions, ask them and use some devices.

Using an IPad:

How long?   This is a short course of 2 hours per week for three weeks

Who is it for?   Anyone who has an iPad and wants to get to grips with the basics about setting options, using the Safari Internet browser, Setting up an Apple ID and using email.

What will you do?   Use  Bringing your own device with you to configure and use the basic functions of the iPad and connect to the outside world

Introduction to word processing (Microsoft Word 2013):

How long?   This is a short course of 8 hours.  A 2 hour session over four consecutive weeks

Who is it for?   Anyone wishing to learn word processing basics; no previous word processing knowledge needed

What will you do?   Use a word processing application to create document, manipulate and format text, create tables, import objects & preview/print.

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