1:1 Advice & Support

We offer advice and support to individuals on a one to one basis. This might include:

Please note that we do not repair broken computers, fix parts, install networks or supply new computers.

While we can sometimes support & advise through email, more often than not we actually visit our customers at a time that suits them.

Where customers have problems we don’t always simply fix the problem - when possible we try and show our customers how its resolved so that in future if the problem crops up again they are more likely to be able to resolve it themselves

Its not uncommon for us to get calls to help with our customer having a whole list of questions they have stored up because they have not had anyone to ask for help - individual items that on their own are perhaps minor niggles, but still something they want sorted.

What common things do we get asked to help with?

What do we charge?

Our prices start from £15 per hour for a home visit, and if you require multiple hours we usually agree a ‘package deal’ fixed price - we will confirm this with you before starting. If you need training on a particular computer application then we can either use your own computer or we can supply one for the lesson - there is no additional charge for this.

If a computer requires time consuming diagnostics (some of which can take an hour or two to run each) we will offer to take it away and return it when completed for a fixed fee. Typically this is around £35, but we will fix a price up front before starting any work.

If you want to get in touch then click here and you will be taken to our “Contact Us” page where you should fill in the form (or email/phone if you prefer).

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