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March 2015: Working in partnership with Age Concern Carlton we ran two IT courses over several weeks

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November 2014 : In collaboration with Eastwoods ‘Make A Difference’ group (funded by Community  First) we ran a series of short IT courses and sessions at the Sun Inn.

March 2016: Our new centre on Nottingham Road in Eastwood opens, offering a range of workshops and classes every Thursday, Friday and Saturday

September 2017: We suspended classes and courses to focus on the more popular one-to-one sessions.

April 2017: Relocated from 32 Nottingham Road to 34 Nottingham Road, Eastwood.


We are a small IT support business based in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, whose aim is to help our local community with IT advice, support and training at affordable rates.

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Total Beginners


1:1 Advice & Support

Advice & Support

Computer sessions for the IT terrified

We offer workshops & classes in small friendly groups for complete beginners - of any age!

Update your skills, or learn new ones

Been away from the workplace and want to get up to speed, or simply want to learn new skills?

Do you have IT

questions, or just need a little advice?

We are here to help with whatever IT queries you might have

When it comes to workshops & classes our aim is to teach whatever skills our customers feel they need to learn or develop, and not work towards formal exams unless they want to.

In many cases our customers are just looking for advice or support with particular IT issues as they crop up - we are there to answer these questions or give advice, as and when its needed.

For 1:1 we charge by the hour at very competitive rates giving great value as you will not have to travel into Nottingham or Derby!

Providing services since 2013

From March 2016 we opened on Nottingham Road in Eastwoods town centre (almost opposite the new Post Office). Having a permanent base to operate from, we have run regular IT sessions on Thursdays, Fridays & some Saturdays.

Some of our more popular support topics include:

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